Sophie-Jung Kim
Food for thought #3 — Information vs. Jul 3, 2019 food for thought Knowledge We live in the information age. But is information knowledge? How do we turn Food for Thought #2 - Identity Jun 16, 2019 food for thought To what extent does your identity shape your experience? Is your identity defined by your experience Food for Thought #1 — Genius Jun 16, 2019 food for thought Is genius nurture or nature? Can genius be trained Barbet Schroeder — Le Venerable W. Jun 10, 2019 blurb review Barbet Schroeder’s most recent documentary, Le Venerable W. (The Venerable W) focuses on Ashin Wirathu, the powerful Buddhist monk in Myanmar who Art and Migration — Part I May 18, 2019 art and artists Migration is a heated topic. To say the least. It’s certainly one of the quagmires of our time. The effects of mobility, or should I say our Akram Khan’s Xenos Mar 6, 2019 modern dance Khan’s projects are his journey of self-discovery which we are privileged to witness. Xenos is a must-see for historians. 1 Last year marked the Why Modern Dance? And Why Me? Mar 5, 2019 modern dance I am not a dancer. Let me correct myself. I am no longer a dancer. After a passionate affair with modern dance and hip hop in my adolescence, I have New York, 2007 Mar 5, 2019 art by me Sculpture created at Phillips Academy Andover in 2007. This boat with wooden masts and sails that are made of pictures of New York Self-Portrait, 2007 Mar 4, 2019 art by me Sculpture created at Phillips Academy Andover in 2007. The inspiration for the facial structure arose from my visit to the Great