The pages in this blog explore various expressions of our shared past. With the premise that everybody participates in the consumption and creation of history, the blog aims to raise awareness of the diverse and creative ways in which the past is consciously brought to the present. It specifically focuses on non-textual examination of history. As such, you will mostly find stories and reviews of artists from choreographers to sculptors.

3 March 2019

Berlin, Germany

Sophie-Jung Kim

Akram Khan’s Xenos

Khan’s projects are his journey of self-discovery which we are privileged to witness. Xenos is a must-see for historians. One event that took place in the U.K. in remembrance of the centenary of the first World War tragedy was Akram Khan’s Xenos, which premiered in Athens in February of 2018. Xenos is meant to be…

[Blurb Review] Barbet Schroeder – Le Venerable W.

Barbet Schroeder’s most recent documentary, Le Venerable W. (The Venerable W) focuses on Ashin Wirathu, the powerful Buddhist monk in Myanmar who brazenly encourages racism towards Myanmar’s Muslim minority. The director reminds us that evil, the subject of Schroeder’s trilogy, lurks in the seemingly benign. The film exposes the dangerous rhetoric not only of race…

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